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Fluorescent Protein visualization


Fluorescent attachment
Installation accessories for FMA-04


Goggles Frame
Miner's Lamp
Guide for FHS/T00 and FHS/T01
Excitation light source
Excitation stand for stationary applications
Camera/Video Stand
Accessories for CVS 8
Optional accessories for macro and micro light sources

Guide to choose the right-filters

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Cell/embryo/nucleus fusion

Fusion instrument

Embryo chimeras

Aggregation needles


Custom development



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Payment method

The indicated product prices are for prepayment by wire transfer. If prepayment is not possible please add 10% to the listed price.

Inquiry, ordering and shipping information

Please e-mail BLS directly with inquiries about specific products.  We will respond without delay. If model numbers are specified we will send out quotes including all ordering and shipping details. In case you are not sure which model is best suited to your needs, we will be more than happy to send you further information and recommendations.

We were forced to introduce the prepayment policy, due to past experiences of severely delayed payments.

In order to assist our customers in the most secure purchasing process we have adopted the following procedures:

- A direct International Wire Transfer (SWIFT). E-mail us for banking information.

All shipping is done upon receipt of payment. For delivery we use the Express Mail Service, their lead time being 3-5 business days. Please note that in case you order from outside of the EU the lead time can be more than five business days, due to the customs processing system.

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universal microscope light source for GFP visualization, visualization of GFP transgenic organisms, tetraploid mouse embryos, aggregation chimeras, nuclear transfer cloning