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Fluorescent Protein visualization


Fluorescent attachment
Installation accessories for FMA-04


Goggles Frame
Miner's Lamp
Guide for FHS/T00 and FHS/T01
Excitation light source
Excitation stand for stationary applications
Camera/Video Stand
Accessories for CVS 8
Optional accessories for macro and micro light sources

Guide to choose the right filters

Price list

Cell/embryo/nucleus fusion

Fusion instrument

Embryo chimeras

<pdf> Aggregation needles


Price list (EURO):

Model: DN-09

€ 179

Model: DN-10

€ 199

Model: DN-10B

€ 30

Model: DN-10C

€ 10



Custom development



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universal microscope light source for GFP visualization, visualization of GFP transgenic organisms, tetraploid mouse embryos, aggregation chimeras, nuclear transfer cloning